About Me

I have lived in this area all my life. Born here, educated here and working here. I am happily married, with three children and 2 stepchildren, all grown up (or so they tell me). Hobbies are a bit of a luxury when serving as a PCC, but when I do have time, I like to run, cycle and mow the lawn.

In the past 4 years much has been achieved but there is much unfinished work. Avon & Somerset Constabulary is a large and complex organisation with over 5000 officers, PCSO's and staff. It needs the managerial skills that I gained from 25 years of being a Director of the successful Mountstevens Bakeries and also the experience that I have gained as your Police & Crime Commissioner.

I served as a Magistrate on the Bristol Youth, Family and Adult benches for 15 years. I was Vice-Chair of the Independent Monitoring Board at Bristol Prison and I worked as an independent member of the Police Authority. So you can see I have a real interest and depth of knowledge of the Criminal Justice System.

Perhaps my most important skill is listening to you and to victims. To find out what you want from your police. Always remember it is your police service. It does not belong to any political party. It belongs to you and it is important that you know what goes on. It's about being independent, honest and transparent.

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If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. I need your support.

Please contact me on SueMountstevens@gmail.com

Or write to me Sue Mountstevens, PO Box 3288, Bristol BS8 9HW

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