This is what I promised and this is what I have delivered.

I will listen to your priorities

  • I am giving victims a louder voice. Over 25,000 vulnerable victims have been supported with a new support service Lighthouse
  • Anti Social Behaviour. Now teams working with local authorities, health, voluntary agencies resolving ocal issues. 76% of you are satisfied with police performance
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence - 50% more victims are coming forward with confidence to report such crimes
  • Burglary - 2500 fewer burglaries and increased crime prevention
  • Road Safety - more investment in education and enforcement resulting in fewer killed and seriously injured than last year

Independent, honest and transparent

  • Public forums are bi-monthly, held in towns across the area, web streamed where possible with published transcripts
  • All business contracts, decisions and budgets are published
  • Costs and process of Chief Constable Gargan's disciplinary process have been published
  • Held frequent drop-in surgeries for you to talk to me
  • I have spent one day a week in the communities, visiting the quiet voices
  • I have created independent scrutiny panels made up from local people
  • I have successfully campaigned for misconduct cases to be held in public

I will be a strong and powerful voice independent of party politics

  • Your police service belongs to you. As Avon & Somerset residents you pull my strings. Not the political parties
  • I am answerable only to you not Westminster
  • I have worked with Ministers, MPs, local Council leaders, Health, Housing Associations, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector to reduce the austerity impact to local residents

I will support local neighbourhood policing

  • We now have 9 local Police and Crime Plans, one for each local authority, setting out how your local priorities are delivered in partnership with your police
  • The Police now have Neighbourhood Managers to support your beat teams and local communities
  • There is a refocus on police engagement through your neighbourhood forums, Partners and Communities Together meetings, mobile surgeries, and Open Days
  • One Team approach, working with local partners on the ground which has successfully reduced crime and Anti Social Behaviour
  • I will continue to improve police support for Neighbourhood Watch and Community Speed Watch

Contact me

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. I need your support.

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