Sue Mountstevens will find 'extra resources' to bring more offenders to justice

Sue Mounstevens has pledged to increase resources to enable more offenders to be brought to justice far quicker than the average case, which currently takes over a year if she is elected on May 5th.

Sue was the first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to be elected for the Avon and Somerset Constabulary area in 2012 and vows now, as she did then, to be the voice of the people within the police service and protect those who are most vulnerable.

Sue said: "By sharing offices with other police services and relocating some of our stations we have been able to redirect funds to the places we need it the most, such as a greater police presence on the streets, which is a clear priority for local residents.

"My priorities are also to tackle exploitation, abuse and crimes against children and our most vulnerable adults," said Sue. "That is why we need to invest in increasing the number of police to investigate these crimes."

Despite being hit hard by government cuts, Sue has ensured that money within the police service has been spent wisely.

In 2014 Sue, with Avon and Somerset Constabulary, published an Estates Strategy, the purpose of which was to look at all the properties housing police stations to ensure they were in the right place and were the right size to meet the needs of the local communities.

As part of this, two new police stations opening next year – one in Weston-super-Mare and one in Southmead, Bristol.

"I have protected the police from political interference and hope I will have the opportunity to continue to do so," said Sue. "There is no role for party politics in policing. I will continue to listen and advocate for the people of Avon and Somerset. That is my goal."

In her tenure as PCC Sue delivered numerous high profile programmes that sought to reduce crime and help raise the voice of the community so that resident's needs were responded to at the highest level.

These include Lighthouse, which has ensured that more than 25,000 vulnerable victims have been given tailored support and local help from within 24 hours  reporting crime or anti-social behaviour.

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