Next Steps

Over the next four years I want to work with the police to increase resources to reflect the increases of crime that is targeted at our most vulnerable.

Child Sexual exploitation crimes have increased by 200% and safeguarding adult crimes by 141%. The police need to have increased resources to tackle these crimes as they are occurring in all our villages, towns and cities. We need to do more to safeguard our children and vulnerable adults.

In the same way, we need additional resources to target cybercrime. Cybercrime is rapidly increasing and we need to ensure that this is tackled locally, regionally and nationally. We must use our resources wisely to avoid duplication. There needs to be additional investment in training as internet fraud is everyones business. Cybercrime will sadly continue to increase and become part of the trademarks of organised crime groups. Criminals will continue to attack our most vulnerable, the old the young, the naïve and those of us who are careless with our internet security.

We need to build a 21st century police service to tackle the increase of these crimes. I will do this by further collaboration of police forces and local authorities. By merging our back offices we can then reinvest in these growing priority areas.

Working with health, local authorities, fire and voluntary organisations, we are stronger together to protect our most vulnerable.

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